>Fathers Day Fail…. Opps.

>This past Sunday- {June 5th} We celebrated Fathers Day.

I wondered why no one called and wished John a happy fathers day. Oh well, we went on with giving him his gifts and all. Had a nice day.
So, today John asks me if I knew that Fathers Day hadnt passed yet. Naturally I was like “WHAT?!?” after much disagreement, I went to trusty old google and found out that I was n fact in correct…. Fathers Day is June 20th, 2010. Ooops.
This explains why Im JUST now receiving emails about Fathers Day deals. I received one from Dennys a few days ago and I was so irritated that I was JUST NOW getting it! I was so about to email them and tell them thanks but its too late.
So, now what? Do I give him another fathers day? I guess I probably should considering that I messed up….
Next year- I will check the calendar. BEFORE the actual date!!

6 thoughts on “>Fathers Day Fail…. Opps.

  1. >Haha! I have to say, that's pretty priceless. Earlier this month while I was out and about I heard a group of people talking about Father's Day…and I started frantically wondering if I had missed my poor Dad's day! For a while I was wondering if I should call him and wish him a belated Father's Day or not. So you're not the only one making mistakes like that!Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  2. >This cracked me up! Something I would do, for sure.I'd say give him a kiss and a hug and maybe a nice breakfast on the REAL Father's Day, and beyond that tell him he's already gotten his due! Or you could all put his cards back in envelopes and let him open them again!

  3. >we done the same mistake,this year too, except it was the calender that was wrong, it had the wrong date on it for fathers day. so we gave him his cards and presents early. oops, hee hee. we were so worried too, because we thought we forgot, so we hurried around to get him a gift and cards. it's easily done hee hee.

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