>Im not a pocket checker!


When I opened the dryer this morning these came tumbling out. If your not familiar these are Pokemon cards- and apparently some really good ones. These are the cards that my middle son accused my oldest son of stealing.

My first nature was to laugh, because how many time have I told him that if he leaves them in his pocket theyre going to get washed? His response: “your supposed to check my pockets”. Im sorry but I feel I do enough around here that you guys should check your pockets before putting them in the dirty clothes.

So if your 180 SP {or whatever} gets washed and ends up like this… sorry- shoulda checked your pockets.

3 thoughts on “>Im not a pocket checker!

  1. >You would really think so- but last night I pulled yet another Pokemon card out of the dryer…. His response: "Eh I didnt like that one." UMMMM no, I spent too much on them to purposely do that!

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