>Creamate container + Modge Podge =


Our new family fun fund jar!!! When I used the last of the cream the other day- I had this brilliant idea to turn it into something. Since our funds have been super tight, and yet we always have a ton of change I decided to make a designated spot for “donations” so we can afford to go out as a family.

So I wipped out the Modge Podge and old magazines, and with a little help from Jayde we made our new container. I love how it turned out- though next time I will use something different beside basic pen ink to write on it… the smudging is kinda of upsetting.
Weve had it less than a day and already have a TON of change in it- The kids are hoping to go see Shrek the final chapter- so the money keeps getting added.
Heres Jayde helping Ethan put his change into it. Jayde even gave half of her tooth fairy money to the jar. Awesome huh??


7 thoughts on “>Creamate container + Modge Podge =

  1. >This is a super idea. My two youngest are so competitive they'll probably find tons of spare change just to see who can collect the most. And don't worry about the smudges. My container will probably be an old coffee mug.

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