>Hey! This isnt yours!

>So I recently started watching a 2 year old and a 8 month old, both super cute little boys. I’ve started to notice things that strangers do that really aggravate me. Please excuse me while I vent.

– Yes I know the baby is cute but PLEASE don’t stop me in the middle of a screaming fit to tell me so.
-Don’t give me mean looks when he is throwing a fit- hes a baby- they do that.
– and my personal favorite- “Oh hes so cute (proceed to touch him)” Now in this situation I have two options, slap you, or tell you no. But both are rude- so what do I do? put a sign on the stroller stating that we dont want your germs!?!
– Just a public announcement- the stroller is NOT here for YOU to lean on. Its for me- and the baby, oh and my coffee to sit in. But thats it.
What is it about a baby that makes people all too friendly? To the point of being rude?

3 thoughts on “>Hey! This isnt yours!

  1. >I hear you!We went on a cruise last october and we went to acapulco and were at this museum. My youngest is a cute blonde and all the mexican ladies kept coming up to him and touching his face! He was only 9 months old. I had to put a blanket over the stroller to keep them from touching him.

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