>Happy Mothers Day!


I hope everyones day is going better than mine… I managed to catch the stove on fire while baking brownies and cookies for my dear friend….

Now if my hubs wouldnt have came home when he did the house for sure would have went up in flames. I didnt noticed that the smoke was getting thick in here. I thought my cooking was just that bad. Then I go to check my cookies and it was on fire.
So I end up outside in my jammies- greeting the firemen. In the end it wasnt my fault the element burnt out and sparked a fire. Great. So my plans were ruined all the food I cooked was ruined along with a thin coat of soot in the house in addition to a heavy smell of smoke.
Thank god it wasnt worse- I had 5 kids here that day- and then all the animals- So after I was out and safe with the kids- youd think I would grab the animals… well I did- I grabbed the dog- not the cats and my cell phone.. WTH- I never even use my phone really.

So needless to say… these pics speak for my Mothers Day Eve.

4 thoughts on “>Happy Mothers Day!

  1. >Oh crap! Thank goodness it wasn't any worse & you caught it in time! This is why we never leave the house for a second with something in the oven or on the stove. Back in the day my grandma would start Sunday dinner & leave it in the oven to roast while she went to church…then it would be ready to eat once everyone got home. I think a hot meal isn't worth the risk! You are lucky indeed!

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