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>I had the pleasure of reviewing some of The Joy of Soap’s soap. I’ll be honest I am a huge fan of eco friendly items, so to find out that they are vegan as well was really a plus a plus. When the package arrived I was happy to find two scents- one being the lay me down lavender which I immediately fell in love with! I quickly put a bar in each bath room! Originally I was only going to put them in the main bathroom so our guest could enjoy them- but after my hubs smelled him he insisted that I put one in our bathroom too, and this comes from the man that only uses liquid soap.
What do I think?

I ADORE IT! You really get the clean feel from this soap. You dont get that yucky “layer” of left over junk on your skin. I really liked that I could look on the packaging and list off every item in the soap without naming ONE chemical!! You guys know that as a mom that matters BIG time. I give them two thumbs up- {way up} they also have alot of new “lines” coming up that I know will be just as awesome…

More FAQ’s about The Joy of Soap from their website:

Why essential oils, and not perfumes or fragrances?

Essential oils are highly concentrated substances (derived from flowers, leaves, seeds, roots and resins of plants) that contain chemical compounds with antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Perfumes and fragrances are synthetic chemicals that do not have any medicinal or aroma therapeutic value. Also, fragrances are known irritants and can cause allergic reactions. The Joy of Soap has stopped producing products made with fragrance oils.

Do all products need a preservative?

No. Products that contain water need a preservative. Dry or powdered items do not need a preservative. Products made with only oils do not need a preservative.

As you know water is vital to life which means that products made with water and with no preservative will begin to grow bacteria, yeasts, fungi and molds that flourish in a water-based environment. The presence of these contaminants renders the product unsafe and toxic. Unfortunately it is possible for an unpreserved water-based product to look and smell fine, and contain microorganisms that are dangerous.

It is worth noting that while water may not be listed as an ingredient, there are other ingredients that indicate the presence of water: Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, distillates, and some extracts.

The Joy of Soap products containing water are preserved using a very small amount of a broad-spectrum preservative (less than two percent) along with other natural inhibitors and antioxidants to help with preservation.

Our bar soaps, while made with water, do not require a preservative as the chemical reaction that occurs in the soap making process uses up all of the water.

How long will a bar last?

Each natural soap from The Joy of Soap is made to be long-lasting, especially if you keep them dry using a soap dish to keep the bar from sitting in water, and let it dry out between uses. Also, if you store soaps in a cool and dry place they can last for several years, but we doubt that you’ll be able to keep them that long.

Is your soap organic?

Due to the chemistry of soap, it is almost impossible for any soap to be more than 85% organic. There is discussion in the natural products industry about whether soap can be defined as “organic” (soap is the result of a chemical reaction and most of the original organic materials are transformed). At The Joy of Soap we use organic ingredients as much as possible.

How long will the scent last?

Many essential oils can last quite a long time. Citrus essential oils are lighter scents and fade more quickly from the surface, usually in about a year. When you use the bar the scent within will come through.

How is The Joy of Soap different from soaps for sale in the supermarket?

The Joy of Soap is made from only food grade vegetable oils and sustainable plant materials. Commercially made soaps, contain animal fat, petroleum derivatives, synthetic colorings, and chemical preservatives. These are actually not bars of soap, but detergents. Also, The Joy of Soap is cruelty-free.

Are your soaps anti-bacterial?

Yes! Good, old fashioned hand made soap and water is an effective way to eliminate about 99.9% of all microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses) from the skin. Unnatural antimicrobials found in most commercially made soaps are leading to rapid resistance of microbes in the environment. The Joy of Soap uses many essential oils known for their antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Our natural soaps help to maintain the delicate balance between the world and organisms.

Can you customize a scent for me?

Sure we can. If you do not find the scent you’re looking for please contact us.

Want to win??

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  1. >Manly Man Soap sounds like a perfect fit. I love orange and then the manly bit would please my husband. I am really intrigued.

  2. >I follow YOU publicly on Google Friends Connect (Carolsue) (I couldn't find the widget to follow Joy of Soap's blog)digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

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