>Be Different… Act normal


I totally have a blog crush on Be Different…Act Normal.

I’m not even going to lie- The first thing I check in the morning is my blogs that I follow- and I just hope she has posted new amazing stuff (which she ALWAYS does!).
She posts things she finds and such. Like her recent post Rainbow Party– Im so going to try and make those awesome OREOs because anyone that knows me knows I love me some OREO’s ! Her findings have inspired me to start being more creative at home, something that I rarely find time for much anymore.
Even if your not crafty I think you will totally love her blog- there are things from food- to furniture and more.
**DISCLAIMER** Ive never even spoken with the owner of this blog- so I was in no way swayed to say these nice things, other than her blog just being THAT awesome!!

2 thoughts on “>Be Different… Act normal

  1. >Am also here to tell u something interesting!!!SUper giveaway at this link…psst psst, am sure u love LE CRUESET ,dont ya?Well its jus one of the goodies u can chose:-))))http://brightmorningstarsfoodie.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-1st-sunshine-giveaway-thanxxx-aton.html

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