>Random Dozen

>These are really interesting questions this week!!

1. Have you ever been so lost that you were really afraid?

This may sound dumb- but I once got lost with my best friend in downtown Jacksonville at night when we were looking for the children’s hospital. Now keep in mind this was before the time when everyone has GPS’s.
There were “bums” everywhere, and a ton of really sketchy people. If you are familiar with downtown Jacksonville at all you know that those neighborhoods down there aren’t somewhere that you want to be lost at night -especially not as a woman.

2. Have you ever been to an island?
No- but I did live in Florida my whole life- that counts right?

3. Are you more of a thinker or feeler?

Im a feeler. Often I let my emotions take rein before I even think. Most of the time it gets me in trouble.

4. Do you tend to see issues or situations in life as black and white or shades of gray?

In many wonderful colors of grey! I like to see things in many different lights, to confirm that how I react is the correct way. I think if everyone just saw things in black and white the world would be filled with alot of narrow minded people.

5. If you were stuck on an island, what book would you hope to have with you (Let’s pretend the Bible is already there, so you can’t say that.)
Well. Lets say I don’t want the Bible there- does that give me two books I can take? lol!
You know I LOVE reading but I can think of just one book that I could take- I could however list a bunch that I like- but I havent found that lucky one to say that I would want to be stuck on an island with it.

6. What are you most afraid of?
Never getting “well”. I cannot imagine living an entire life living with this constant dizziness. Trust me its worse than it sounds.

7. Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones?
Never be able to make new ones. Dont get me wrong the old ones are wonderful- but I have SO much to come in the future- I dont want to miss that.

8. Pretend I’m looking at a scrapbook page about you. There are three spaces for you to drop in individual pictures. What are those pictures of, and why did you select them?

1. Would be a photo of me and my mom at the beach when I was about 2. Me and my mom spent ALOT of time at the beach when I was younger, before she started having all of her problems.
2. Would be a photo of me and my family (hubs- kids) at Disneys City Walk. It was a fun time with us. We got to spend ALOT of time together as a family during this trip.
3. Would be a photo of me from 5 years ago when my hair was about an inch long- just because its funny to look back on.

9. If you were re-doing your wedding, what would you do differently? (If you’re single, tell me one thing you would do if you were planning a wedding OR huge party.)
I never had a wedding- We got married at a UPS shop (literally)
I probably would go back and wait- save some money and invite my family.

10. Tell me one thing you know/believe about forgiveness.
Its HARD to truly forgive!

11. You’re waiting in a doctor’s office. What is your favorite way to pass that time?

Playing on my cell phone of course.

12. If there were a clone of you in a parallel universe what is one way you hope she/he would be the same as you and one way you hope she/he would be better?

She would still love art- but actually be good at it!

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