>Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz

>Thats what I hear, and then…

John: Was I asleep?

Me: Yes
John: Ok. help me see why I’m not sleeping
Me: Um ok.
This is so like every night in my house lately. My poor hubs has been having the hardest time sleeping lately. I think its stress and over exhaustion. TOO much time working. Finally last night he agreed to taking some Melatonin to help him sleep.
I’m wondering if its possible though for someone to not be able to sleep because they are worrying too much about not sleeping?

3 thoughts on “>Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz

  1. >You know, I developed a little routine to help with sleeping problems. Before bed I take a warm shower, then drink a little chocolate milk, then read a fiction book for a little while. Good luck!!

  2. >I found your site on the SITS Community Forum. You said you wanted feedback on your blog, so here I am! Thought I'd check you out, as I have three loud ones of my own, but they're all girls! I love the look of your site…great colors! (Some of my faves, actually!) The header could be a little spicier…don't know how you could add to it. I like the simplicity of the sidebars, esp. since your colors are so bright…good contrast there. Content looks good, too. BTW…there is a great all natural tea from Celestial Seasonings called Sleepytime Tea. Chamomile and other things in there…it really works! I give it to my girls every Christmas Eve…for obvious reasons! Hope I helped a little! I'm following you on Twitter now and am following you on Google Connect! Do you have a FB fan page? Happy blogging!Janine http://spoonful-of-sugar.com

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