>Nom Nom


We went to KFC for dinner last night… and John was brave enough to have the “Double Down”, he almost got it in grilled chicken- but I told him if hes going to do it- do it right!

I dont know if it just me, but this thing seems GROSS- too much meat for my liking. To even call this thing a sandwhich is nuts- it needs bread. But for those of you who are wondering- he said it was good.
Look at this thing- its a MONSTER.


3 thoughts on “>Nom Nom

  1. >My husband and I saw a commercial for these and we laughed because they are simply ridiculous. How long do you give it before they are reviewed by Eat this, Not that and taken off the menu?

  2. >haha! I know it is! I thought for sure he would be sick after it, but suprizingly enough he wasnt. Then again this is from a man who eats no veggies besides corn.

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