>Am I a clothes hoarder?

>So I always have piles of clothes ready to we washed. The hubs swears that we just have WAY too much clothes. Especially the kids. I guess I kind of agree.. but then again if I see something on sale I buy it.

My question to my readers is, How much clothes do your kids have? How much is TOO much?

2 thoughts on “>Am I a clothes hoarder?

  1. >I don't have any kids, but I have plenty of clothes. I gained a bit of weight after I quit smoking so I gave away old clothes and got new ones that fit and I can say I easily dragged off at least 12 black trash bags of clothes and that was not counting my husband's and I still had that and more left. However if I were hoarding them I would want to keep them and not be able to give them away. Luckily I know how to shop cheap so buying it and giving it away doesn't hurt as much monetarily wise I guess.PussDaddy

  2. >Not much! Mine are growing so freaking fast, I can barely keep clothes on their backs. It's ridiculous! I have to be thankful they are healthy, but all this shopping is ludicrous!

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