>Dont tell….


I think I secretly love his music. Justin Bieber that is…. Not only was his song “baby” stuck in my head ALL day yesterday…. I turned on his music on Napster for the kids to listen to and quickly found myself, alone, rocking to it.

Don’t get me wrong- his hair absolutely drives me mad. But he is a cute little dude- and his music is good.. I guess this will have to be one of the people I listen to when Im alone… kinda like the Spice Girls.


4 thoughts on “>Dont tell….

  1. >Holy moly. Bieber Fever is just insane. I really like the kid. Did you see the Jimmy Kimmel bit where he met his 3 year old BIGGEST fan? So awesome. What a good kid. That being said, his hair makes me batty. I find myself blwoing my imaginary bangs out of my eyes when Is ee a photo of him, how does that not make him crazy too?Stopping over to "welcome" you to SITS. It is great having you with us!

  2. >Don't worry. I won't tell anyone on you. Look on the bright side as well. Soon as the kid hits puberty we probably won't hear any new music from him.

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