>Bang or no Bang?


Ok. I’m one of those people who needs a change of image every so often. And before I would just dye my hair, however I haven’t done so in about 3 years and my hair is healthier than ever. So dyeing isn’t an option. Now I’m looking for something less “permanent”. Ive been heavily contemplating get bangs of some sort- but I cant make that decision on my own, I need advice. Should I get bangs or not? If so what kind? HELP! PLEASE!

I do have a larger forehead and I think bangs might hide it… but how would I look?


5 thoughts on “>Bang or no Bang?

  1. >I wouldn't do straight across bangs, but maybe have them sort of layer the front of your hair and do the side swiping bangs? Does that make sense? that's what I do and then when I want them they are there and when I don't they are brushed back into my hair. Good luck! I want to see pics! 🙂

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