>Random Dozen


I thought I would join Linda at 2nd cup O Coffee in Random Dozen this week.

1. How old is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?

Roughly 5 years old. They are a pair of black with pink and silver outlined Reeboks, they are complete with a HUGE white paint mark on them. I honest couldn’t tell you why I still have them. I haven’t worn them in AGES!

2. Did you buy Girl Scout cookies this year? If so, what variety?

Not this year. I did get Girl Scout ice cream. Does that count? Its equally as good.

3. Do you know how to ballroom dance? If not, would you like to?

I don’t know how to dance at all besides the random bouncing to songs with the kids. I’d love to learn, not that Id ever have a chance to use my ballroom dancing skills- but all the same it would be fun to learn.

4. Were you a responsible child/teenager?

Not exactly. I was relatively bad actually. I did my fair share of skipping school, “experimenting”, bad grades, having my first child at 17, etc. I’m glad I went ahead and got it out of the way when I was younger- now I can be a semi-more responsible adult. I think things that I did when I was younger are just now back firing on me- all the same I probably wouldnt change anything.

5. How many of this year’s Oscar-nominated movies did you see?

I actually couldnt even tell you who was nominated this year. Or for that matter the year before either. Ive never been a fan of watching the Oscars. Im more for watching the Grammys.
Oh! but I do LOVE watching the red carpet!

6. If you’re going to have a medical procedure done, such as having blood drawn, is it easier for you to watch someone else having the procedure done or have it done yourself?
Having procedures dont really bother me much. I have had ALOT in my life time. I think once youve given birth once, nothing fazes you.

7. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Friday- because everyone is home, and we get to have pizza and movie night. The one night designated for just family. I think its something that both me and the kids look forward to.

8. Do you miss anyone right now?
Badly. We just moved from Florida to Kentucky. All of our family is back home in Florida. I missed my mother and father in law badly- its not the typical “in-law’ situation, theyre more like family than my own. Always so caring and supportive to all of us.
I also badly miss my friend / second mom Dawn, she started out just being my friends mom, now obviously our relationship has changed. She has really helped me more than anyone else. Given that kick in the butt that I sometimes need.

9. Do hospitals make you queasy?
It depends on the situation. If Im there for me, no. If someone I care about is sick or hurt its a completely different story. I stress easily.

10. At which store would you like to max-out your credit card. Not that you ever would, you responsible person, you.
Boy John’s going to love this one. I prefer to max credit cards out at more than one store- though I could probably spend it ALL at Target.

11. Are you true to the brand names of products/items?
Not really. There are some things that I have to be like- shampoos, medicines and some foods. Though its not the end of the world if I cant get them.

12. Which is more difficult: looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when he/she is telling you how he/she feels?

Probably looking into someone’s eyes when telling them how I feel. Me and the hubs have a major gap in communication so I cant say this is something that I have an experience with. At least not that I can recall.

2 thoughts on “>Random Dozen

  1. >I love your random dozen format…it's not the usual blog interview questions…and very entertaining! You've got me thinking now how old some of my shoes are & how I don't get out to the movies much…and when it comes to brand names…I've got to have real brand name mayo & oreo cookies!Cheers!

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