>Oh.. Alice.. I love you…


From the moment I heard that Alice in Wonderland was being remade and coming out I was in love! First with the absolutely AMAZING soundtrack- if you haven’t you should seriously go to Napster and give it a listen. Bunch of great names and an ever better music! ( Oh and that beautiful face on the cover doesn’t hurt either)

So I got lucky Sunday even and after the hubs said we didn’t have enough extra money to go to the movies that weekend. He surprised us with dinner and movie ticket to see Alice in Wonderland! We went to a later showing and I thought for sure that the kids would fall asleep, but all three kids stayed awake. They LOVED the cheshire cat and the mad hatter. Even the boys. All around Id see it again. Im hoping it will be my birthday present this year… It should be on DVD by september right?
To top it off one of my VERY favorite Etsy sellers was having a giveaway of her set called “The Wonderland Interpretations” so I entered as many times as I could- and I won!!! The package arrived today- and I have to admit my picture of them doesnt even begin to do them justice- they are stunning! As soon as I get them hung up I will post better pictures.
These amazing prints were done by Kathy R Jeffords http://twitter.com/dreamygiraffe

visit her shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/thedreamygiraffe She has some REALLY amazing stuff!!!

4 thoughts on “>Oh.. Alice.. I love you…

  1. >I too can't wait to see this movie! I am so excited. Not to mention, Johnny Depp is in it and who doesn't like that. Glad you had fun.Stopped by from SITS to say hello.

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