>Holy WTF Wednesday!!


WoW I almost forgot that today is WTF? Wednesday! Such a wonderfully perfect day to do WTF? Wednesday as well!
  • WTF? – sketchy Dr’s thats give vague answers to questions. If I wanted a broad spectrum answer I would just go one WebMD.
  • WTF? – buttons, stop dumping over the trash. I DO NOT enjoy picking it up 10 times a day.
  • WTF? – Companies that call after like 4 years wanting to collect a debt that I didnt even know I had. Then tell me that I cant have time to pay it because they have been sending it to the wrong address. nice.
  • WTF? – One way street- enough said.
  • WTF? – um hello headache- why do you always visit after a good cry? Isnt it bad enough that I cried??
  • WTF? – Wednesday why must you ALWAYS end the same way? Cant we try and make it Wonderful Wednesday next week? Please.
Feel free to hop on the WTF Wednesday bandwagon. It feels good.

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