Well almost.
That job in question is GONE~ not the way that a sane boss would have ended it, but all the same. Im FREE.
To my amazing Ex Boss.

I knew it was coming to an end. But I never would have guessed it would be like this. Yep, I left with tears on my cheeks, eyes puffy, dignity tattered as much as the tissue in my hand. Not because I lost the job, but how it happened and the horrible things I was accused of, things I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done. Things only a truly horrible person would have done. Not I. Thats not how I roll.
Regardless, I walk with a little pep in my step knowing that I will not get paid for my hard work, but without me the WONT grow. They wont be where they want to be. This may sound cocky- and if I prove wrong and their growing or still around a year from now, Ill be the first to say congratulations.
So again – I am jobless. Does this mean every job Ill get I will be unhappy with? I seem to be building a trend of crappy jobs. Im ready for something good.
For the record- I should have listened to my hubs- he called this job from the beginning. John, Im sorry I didn’t listen, AGAIN.

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