>Answers to my previous post / Update

>First I dont need the job- Luckily the hubs makes enough without me having it . I just HATE sitting around the house. Also I made almost double when I had my bow business up and running. Tempting to re-open it.

The person in question is the owners wife. Some examples are, “are you about to wash your face? no one wears their hair like that unless they are washing their face, it looks bad.” To some of the most recent, “did you do anything today” – and “get anything done today?” oh and my personal favorite- “your wasting your time with small projects, just focus on the two I gave you”.

I went into this job because I love the small business environment and I love to be able to watch the company grow. I was hired to replace the current “office manager”, and build build the business. Since I have great knowledge of the things that are needed to be done to succeed.

When I was hired I present a 30/60/90 day plan so that she knew what I was going in with. and she was happy. I dress up above and beyond what she asks, I have busted butt to sell sets, and bring business in. and each time been proven that I was right with what I was doing.

She has never ran a small business, the company is currently $800 in the hole and digging deeper each day- where as all the business I have ran have been in the positive always. So should I do my thing and prove her wrong?

I still havent touched base with all that she has done, but it would take my entire morning. The stress is really getting to me.
Though I like the idea to tell her she isnt going to get the reaction that she wants… Im kind of at the point where Im just staying to prove her wrong, make it work. But at what expense?

On that note- I have to get dressed for work- I recieved and email from a man last night that he wants to come in and buy a set from me…. an idea that she didnt want me to do. she wanted me to hope that it would just randomly sell……


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