>I read a quote tonight that I believe suites me and my current situation extremely well.

“don’t mistake my shyness for weakness”
It basically sums up whats happening to me at my current job. I am typically a quiet person, I have always been- but I think its my turn to stand up for myself and what I want, or Im just going to continue to be stomped on. Its like my mom said “if you stay there then its your fault for allowing it”. Ill be damned it Im about to let that happen.
I dont let people talk down to me in every day life- but for some reason I am letting it be acceptable at work, which is very unlike me- because if you treat me wrong or someone I care about I will let you know in a heartbeat. But for some reason I am putting up with it for this job…
I am torn between what could be, and what is. When is it enough, when is it time to throw in the towel? I want this SO badly- but in the same sense, its almost painful the stress that it is causing. Not the job itself, but certain people, critical people. And to answer the obvious question, there is NO HR department- this is a small business of less that 5 people, not that I am making this ok- but I just am at a point where I need to make major decisions about this, and I think its one that Im not going to like…..
Where oh where should I go from here?

2 thoughts on “>torn

  1. >Well, I often let things go until I can't take anymore and just explode. Then things get pretty ugly really fast, be it for me or the other person or persons.It is hard to advise you really. Do you need this job? Maybe that is one reason you put up with it more than you usually would and if so this is understandable.Also there is really not much info as to what is going on really enough to be able to advise you.Is the people doing this in charge of you in some way? Does their opinion effect whether you remain employed or not? Do they know they are causing you stress and doing it for that reason? Is there any chance you are too sensitive or taking something the wrong way?You could just decide that you are not going to give them the satisfaction of tweaking your emotions anymore (if they have no say in whether or not you remain employed) and just let them say whatever, sort of look at them, say to yourself in your mind "No, you are not going to get the reaction you want sorry to disappoint you", then turn on your heel and walk away. I know it is probably more difficult than that though.PussDaddy

  2. >I'm so sorry. I hate work drama. it seems worse when it is a smaller company too. I guess because you have to interact so much with each other. I guess you'll have to say something though, because if it affecting you that much – you can't let it go

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