>By some freak chance…


We had to make a trip to Sams Club yesterday to get toilet paper, and drove past this beautiful park. It turns out its Papa John’s corporate campus. But we actually got a picture on the first try of all three kids standing still, smiling and looking decent!!!

And to top that I asked my 8 year old to take a picture of me and the hubs…. and he took 4 amazing pictures of us. I think this is liked the first time we have had a decent picture of us taken! It will be printed and hung up for sure.


7 thoughts on “>By some freak chance…

  1. >Wow, I'm impressed that you managed to get a great pic of the kids together, looking happy! It usually takes me 20 pics to get at least one decent one.If I asked my kids to take a pic of me and my husband, they'd probably only get our feet in the picture!!Thanks for stopping by my blog…hope you'll be back again soon!

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