>what the tweet?


I ask- what DID we do without Twitter? How did we get news? Gossip? How did we stay in the loop?

Oh thats right- we went to CNN on the web, or we blogged (which by the way I still really enjoy), read magazines or actually watched the news. Twitter has basically made the need for that obsolete. If you follow @perezhilton you will know all the up to date celeb news, deaths, divorces, fights etc. Follow your local news for up to date local news @wave3 and @cnn for national/global news.
I can find anything within seconds and all in one place. I can briefly state how much I love coffee without having to go to facebook to update my status just for that. Its amazing.
Oh and another great thing… you can harrass your spouse at work by following them @agent724 then you can bug them all day!

5 thoughts on “>what the tweet?

  1. >I was just thinking this about facebook the other day. I feel like I would never talk to half the people I know without facebook. It amazes me how much I use the computer for communication 🙂

  2. >Ummm yeah no kidding!! That is seriously where I find out all my news and gossip. 🙂 I wonder many generations it will take before kids don't talk to each other at all…I'm guessing like one. 🙂

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