>blogging. FAIL

>Thats what would happen if I actually tried to blog this morning. I’m SO beyond tired. Closing one night (12:30 am) and being back at work at 8 am, SUCKS. Now granted I have to be up HOURS before I actually work to send the kids off to school, which means 5 am Im up. And I didnt go to bed until 1:30 am…. Im going to be a ZOMBIE.

I guess on the plus side I get off at 4. BUT then I have to grocery shop so that kinda cancels things out…. Oh well.
Have a nice day everyone.. Ill try to blog later- when I might make more sense!

2 thoughts on “>blogging. FAIL

  1. >thanks. I still cant decide whats harder being a sahm or a working mom…. i think sahm- if the kids are younger. its nice to be out of the house to work though =]

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