>-New Year? New Me!-


As many others I make a long list of resolutions or “goals” as I like to call them (basically to make myself feel better about making this ridiculous list). I dont even remember all of my list but it was atleast 10 items deep. Two things that were on the list were lose weight and read a book, because at that point I didnt *think* I had time to finish a full book, But I did- I completed something like 14 books this year. Nothing impressive but atleast it got done. And thats where my goals ended.
Id like to blame it on out massive move mid-year however that list of “goals” was gone as fast as it appeared well before March. Needless to say not a pound was shed. As 2010 heads closer, I look back and think- wth. Really. So, Im not making a crazy long list of “goals” this year. I will make ONE goal. Something reasonable, something that shouldnt have taken 6 years to happen. I am going to lose the “baby weight”. In the years B.C. (Before Chandler) I was 105 lbs, and as the kids came so did the pounds. After having Jayde when I was 19 I was up to 180 lbs. Sadly though I am 10 HEAVIER than I was after her. I am 190 lbs. And I am ready to get back into my “skinny jeans” (which by the way I still have a pair- that I sadly look at from time to time).
No Im not setting my goal to be tiny like I once was. Im aiming to get down to 145 lbs in 2010. Thats 45 lbs, thats ONLY .8 lbs a week!! and by this time next year I should be where I want to be.
So- here it is- for the world (or well my followers to see) My goal for 2010 is to lose 45 lbs by December 2010. I WILL blog atleast once a week to keep everyone up to date on my progress… and if I havent I hope someone out there will give me a quick KICK IN THE BUTT!
Heres where I ask- Bloggers-Stalkers-Friends-Family…. Whos with me?!?!

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