>Boys.Marriage. What?!?


Jayde asked me after school “mom, when should I have a boyfriend?”. ~OMG~ I’m thinking not till your like 90 lol. So being caught totally off guard I respond with not till your older, you dont want to pick the wrong boy. So then she asks “how do I pick the right one?”At this point Im completely at a loss for words and she gives up. Later she tells me that she finished drawing in her notebook and shows me THIS picture. So its seriously cute BUT, all these questions already? She’s only 6. I guess I should be happy that she DOESNT have a “boyfriend” at school.


2 thoughts on “>Boys.Marriage. What?!?

  1. >Her dream boyfriend is a pumpkinhead scarecrow, probably stuffed with straw. That seems safe enough 😉 My son was about 6 when he was asking me who he should marry ai-ai-yi!

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