>to those of you who sell.

>So I read a thread on Etsy that confirmed that what Ive been saying for month. 

If you sit and fuss about your failure because of the economy you’ll never get anywhere. Now dont get me wrong, Im far from “making a living” from Etsy. and despite my number of sales I do get discouraged too- however when I get that urge to blame the economy for my lack of success I take a moment and re-evaluate my game plan. Typically if I do the things that I should be doing on a daily basis like blogging (which I so have been lacking on) twittering, chatting it up on facebook and promoting on various other places the sales will come. 
Ive told John for months that I was sick of hearing about the current state of the economy, because if everyone gave 110% and be a little more positive things could be better. Now its  really a shame I cant find a nice rock to hide under until this recession or depression (whatever) is gone. 
Ok- thats it for my rant for now.
Tell me what are you guys doing to “recession proof” your business? 

11 thoughts on “>to those of you who sell.

  1. >very good point. I was watching the news yesterday and this economy guru or w/e said confusion is easy, losing your confidence is a breeze it’s building up confidence that’s the hard part or something like that. I guess he means that people are so easily scared but if we really tried and look at the brighter part of things while acknowledging that yes things are not perfect it’ll be way better. I’ve been participating in more craft fairs, art auctions this year in high traffic places. This year I want to become a a face that sells not just a store front. I guess that is my approach. =D

  2. >How ironic-I was bitching about this on my blog last week. I sell primarily on Art Fire, and those “Zero Sales” threads kill me! You get out of your biz what you put into it. Right now, I’m offering all of my blog followers 15% off anything in my shop all the time for as long as they’re a follower. You’ve gotta be creative and enticing in these troubled times.

  3. >Always keep your chin up! My way out of recession was opening my etsy store and promoting a LOT. It certainly doesn’t feed me or pay the bills (for now) but instead of whining and claiming sales are low, I give it my best to make it better. It’s great that you mentioned this because it gives me a chance to express exactly how I feel!

  4. >I’m not fretting over the economy, but working my little rear-end off instead. I’ve juried for, and gotten into 11 great shows here in the midwest. I find that if I keep focused on what I love to create, it makes all of this easier!

  5. >I do think people use the economy for an excuse…my opinio is if everyone stopped listening to the negative media and just started buying, it just might break the vicious cycle of people being afraid to buy so they don’t, which in turn causes things to get worse !

  6. >what a great post! the recession might slow things down a bit, but it certainly shouldn’t be an excuse for poor sales. And what better time to get out there and support those who make handcrafted goodies!

  7. >You are RIGHT ON! I am having one of those “doomed” days. I ALOWED it by listening to my husband being very negative about the economy and our bills. But I KNOW better! Now is the time to fight on! Refuse to give up or give in. I am going to plan some give away’s these coming weeks ahead. Like a free altered book or free earrings with purchase. Your little kick in the butt is just what I needed today!! Ok, my swordblade is out!! 😉

  8. >Here is my input. i am an Etsy and Ebay seller. I do have a blog and I do post often with my new designs. I do chat on facebook.I list again often On etsy to be “SEEN”. I never went without a new listing on Ebay for 7 years. Still Mt Etsy sells are very RARE. My Ebay bids are After sever years obe week amazing then nothing. I think I am spending lots of time on online.Promoting,writing,posting this than and many pictures.I have been offering 10% off of Etsy and super giveaway for a custom dress which you can enter for each bid and each purchase.Still Nothing.

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