>Happy Inauguration day!

>Happy inauguration day! I have to admit this is the first inauguration Ive ever seen (granted Im only 25) but I have to say its going to take alot to top this one! 

I do find it quite aggravating that people are making fun of him because he “messed up” when he was being sworn in. Honestly to me that just made him more “real” to me. Heck I couldnt have repeated all that lol. and I defiantly couldnt have ended it with a speech like that!
I cant wait to see  all the great effects that our new president will have on us, and best of all the world! 
I want to take a moment and smile because Bush is gone 😀 
Bravo america were on the right track now! All thats missing is some super duper cute Supa Designs hair clips in his daughters hair (lol- shameless plug lmao!)

2 thoughts on “>Happy Inauguration day!

  1. >I’m only 26, but I watched both GW inaugurations and both Clinton’s. The first Clinton one we had to watch in school (fifth grade). We had watched all the debates, then learned to use a voting booth, and had a school election. It was pretty cool.I have to say, this election and inauguration are nothing like I’ve ever seen. I think we can both go out on a limb and say no one older than us has seen anything like this either. Amazing day, wasn’t it?

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