>Happy Monday Morning!

>Boy am I glad its monday! The kids are all back to school, its nice and quiet and somewhat clean lol. It was dreary most of the weekend.but on Sunday once the rain let up and a tiny bit of sunshine came out we decided to venture out to a new park that I found online. 

Its pretty close to our house. We pulled into the park and there was two HUGE football/soccer fields, and a smaller play area… We were really let down just surprised.  The I saw that the road went back even further. We were told that there was a boat loading ramp and we thought we would take the kids to look at the water first. and as we rounded the corner, to what appeared to lead to a boat ramp was the biggest most awesome park EVER! (Even I wanted to play) 
It was one of those OMG moments! The kids were instantly in love with this massive park. and I have to say it was really luck that I drove back further and found it. Now we have a crazy fun park close to the house. I know it sounds weird that Im so excited over a park, but we lived here for almost a year before I could find a park, then by accident I find one that is less than 2 blocks away. lol. 
Also I am very excited to announce that I have a new line of products that will be releasing very soon. Possibly this week!! Its in “beta” this week lol, my daughter is testing them.
Anywho I hope everyone has a AWESOME Monday!
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