>Time to give…


So the holidays are quickly approaching.. Alot parents are excited to buy gifts for theyre children to open on Christmas morning so they can see that beautiful smile on theyre childs face. But often parent are faced with the decision, pay light bill? pay rent? buy groceries? and very often buying presents isnt an option.  And its sad. I know its not about the material things. But you try telling that to the sad little boy running down stairs on christmas morning to see what santa brought him only to his surprise santa didn’t come at all. The thought of that is saddening to me. 
I very often visit a website called http://www.wishuponahero.com I even had it featured on the local news here. I already see alot of parent pleading for help.  Last Christmas I was able to help one single mom and her precious little boy, I remember he was so sweet and quiet and shy about accepting the gift. Then last easter me and my kids made up Easter baskets and dropped them off at a local lower income housing office for a family in need. 
The joy it gave my children alone is enough to make me want to do it again. But this year I hope to make a larger impact. Dont get me wrong we still are struggling like everyone else, but I think we can skimp on some things we dont “need” as much and make some families very happy.  
So this begins, my search for the right family to help, which is super hard because I want to help them all. Im hoping if I start early this year we will be able to help out more families.  And if you have the chance and the means please consider doing the same. 🙂

7 thoughts on “>Time to give…

  1. >Where I live you can pick up children’s letters to Santa at the main post office.I’ve picked up several and (with a group of my friends) bought and made gifts and delivered the packages to their homes on Christmas Eve.What a fabulous experience.

  2. >I love this idea, definitely check into it.Every year we adopt a family for Christmas, my Dad had a good thought a few years ago, why not adopt the family for the whole year. No doubt a lot of people need help at Christmas but I am sure the same people need help for their childs birthday etc. I honestly haven’t taken it any farther than his thought but I think I will look into that as well. Thanks for sharing!

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