>Random pics from yesterday


I bet you guys have wondered about my product testers? Here they are my princess Jayde (on the right) and the princess I watch Lilly ( on the left)

Can you find the tiny frog in this picture? He was super cute! He was also extremely hard to get a picture of, he kept moving.
Jayde’s new favorite shoes- I had found these black shoes that Ethan had out grew and I was going to give them away and she decided that she LOVES them lol. I said well Jayde lets put some bling on them. but she wouldnt let me, she wants them as is lol!!
Isnt she really really cute? 
Little miss attitude!
-On a completely different note I taught my dog december to give me a high five with her nose hahah! Its so funny, she’ll want to play fetch and get aggrivated if I ask for a high five during that time and shell just bark lol. She a mini dachshund, or well almost a medium one she so dang long..
Thats it for now- Have a supa weekend!  

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