>Time to look productive!


So tomorrow the hubby comes home- (supa dupa late too!) so now Ive got to clean my butt off and make it look like I had a productive week LOL!! Ive got to wetvac the carpets, and pretty much everything else. Maybe I could just shove everything under the bed like I did when I was little LOL! Although I highly doubt that massive pile of clean clothes on my bed would fit under it. It’s truly amazing how many clothes a family of 5 can go through in a week. 

Speaking of clothes I got the beautiful skirt that  I ordered for Jayde from Bayanhippo
it is absolutely amazing- and she packaged it SO well, so much that my daughter even wanted to keep the packaging lol. But seriously check her out- her stuff is great! 
On a completely random note- I think next week will be the week for a giveaway!! YAY!! 

2 thoughts on “>Time to look productive!

  1. >Oh Man!! I understand about the laundry!!!! I have 3 kids and a truck driver husband. Phew! Every weekend he comes home with dirty greesy cloths. ICK! Hope you are able to get it all ready before he comes home. 🙂

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