>——-NEW STUFF——-


Isn’t that wonderful? I’m going to be adding tons of new stuff to my Etsy shop all weekend!  
I especially LOVE the cherry set below. I’m half tempted to keep it for Jayde! (and trust me shes eyeing it) Oh and this cherry set is VERY limited.

Oh and earlier today me and John went to carry the garbage cans in and for some reason John bumped the mailbox, and out came a TON of wasps. So his natural response was to poke it with the end of the broom, and RUN. Well apparently wasps can fly faster than he can run. He got stung on the back of his leg. But since its in our mailbox we had to get it out so they wouldnt sting the mailman (or more importantly me lol). So he took the hose and sprayed the nest out of the mail box. And we thought that they were all gone. Boy were we wrong…. I went to get the mail and they went flying EVERYWHERE! Luckily I didn’t get stung. Guess well be buying some wasp away or whatever it is!


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