>Whew…What a day! Beware, Full of rants!!

>Where to start?
I guess I’ll start with this morning. I went to Food Lion to get milk and some snacks. I went to pick up the cheepo (the $1 ones) that my kids love oh so much, and they were $2.30?!?! When the heck did they go up so much? And I grabbed the milk and it was$4.29- I don’t recall it being that high when ever I bought it last (which was only days ago). Now either I REALLY don’t pay attention or prices have went up drastically. Needless to say I didn’t buy those cheepo cookies- Im going to be doing some baking this weekend, and I’ll be watching them prices for in the future.
My “mid-day” was pretty good the girls were awesome. Everything was perfect…. until bus time (as usual lol) We waited for almost 1.5 hours!! But the girls were so awesome. And I’m sure I got some much needed sun.
Then I come home hoping to have some awesome stuff in my mailbox, nope. I got our first bill for city taxes. A whopping $60. YIKES! I completely forgot about the tax increase.Blah
Well off for me to listen to some Elton John and relax. I never knew how awesome he was until my mom asked me to look up a song for her last week. Now its non-stop Elton here. I should have known that any man who wears awesome glasses all the time would be great!


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