>Random blogginess… :-P

>I have never been happier for my kids to go back to school. Ethan drove me absolutely insane today, all he wanted to do was flip and jump off of anything and everything in sight. It was nuts! On top of not listening to one single word I said. Chandler on the other hand was awesome, for some reason he went on a cleaning spree and cleaned the entire kitchen, probably better than I would do lol!! And Jayde, well she didn’t do much of anything either way today.
Oh, today Lucky decided to bring me a present inside…a dead lizard. E WWW! Naturally I had Ethan carry it out to the trash because I was too freaked out lol. But seriously Yuck, why the heck would she want to eat a lizard if she could have her cat food, I cannot imagine that it tastes better than that. I’ve always heard of animals bringing they’re people presents, but none of my animals have ever done that, until now. I guess now I have to check her anytime she comes in from the garage.
Oh and I started another new blog today. This one is a little different though. POSTAL HAPPINESS I’m making it a goal of mine to make as many people smile as possible. So if you thing you want to help, or be helped contact me please. I hope it works out as well as I plan it to.
I’m going to run and enjoy the silence now that the kids are asleep. ((THANK GOD!))


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