>Ending spring break with primary colors.

>So I was brave yesterday and suited the kids up with white tee shirts, and pulled out the paint. My kids thought they were all smart grabbing the paint brushes, and Lilly and Clayton grabbed the Q tips. BRILLIANT!- Theyre pictures werent all smudged lol. my kids are dorks.

Lilly LOVED it, and surprisingly she only got a little bit on her arms.
The whole group painting.
What mom? They’re not finger paints?!?!
So that was our end to Spring Break. The loved it. I can’t wait till summer so that we can go outside and play alot. With the pollen I had to keep them in alot. I’ve already got a long list of activities to do. It’s going to be awesome. (should I be this excited???) lol!
Well back to school they go, and my house can be clean again 😛


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