>He loves me!

>So I didn’t get a chance to blog about this past week so I’m going to do it now. Ever time we go into the new Target shopping center, I remind John that Peterbrooke chocolatier is open now. And last week as we were entering the shopping center he was in the wrong turn lane to go to Target, naturally I fuss at him to hurry and get in the other lane. But no he continues to turn and go the wrong way- at this point I’m thinking what the hell is he doing. Until he pulls up to Peterbrooke!! Talk about being shocked! Then he told me to get whatever I wanted. OMG! Of course I had to remind him that it costs a TON, he didn’t care… thats SO not like him. Any ways it was awesome, I got the chocolate covered popcorn (its by far the best!) and chocolate covered oreos. They were SO good. So its official I have the best husband ever, he might drive me nuts sometimes (which I’m sure I drive him more nuts lol) but hes still the best!


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