> So its been a few days since I’ve blogged. Since then we have replanted flowers in my garden and cleaned it out. In the process we Jayde and Lilly were playing outside and “helping” us. All of a sudden Jayde comes up to me and yells “Mom I found a Jinglehopper!!!” naturally I respond with “You found a what?!?!”. So she walks me to the other side of the garden and on the house was a grasshopper! lol. Where she got the name Jinglehopper from I don’t know but it was too funny. She and Lilly watched it forever, then out of no where Lilly poked it, and it jumped. They laughed hysterically- it was the cutest thing I’ve seen in a longtime. Of course I got the camera out and took pictures before the poke.
Tomorrow when its light out I’ll take pictures of the garden now that I have flowers in it. It looks a billion times better. Putting them in the ground is only half the battle, now I have to keep them alive. The past two years I put flowers in the ground they died almost immediatly. I’m hoping this year these survive me lol.


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