>Sunday… Its a completely random blog!

>So its Sunday, the kids go back to school tomorrow… WOOHOO!! So we did normal Sunday stuff, clean, cut coupons, get ready for the week.
Oh and not that I needed a paper to say that I’m excellent, but I got one HAHA! 😛
Jayde before the hair cut. I think she looks older with long hair. She really wanted short hair. She says she looks like a Best Buy worker- looks like I’ve lost another one to the company lol.
Jayde after her hair cut 😀 She was laughing because Ethan was running around in his underwear.

This is what my living room looks like on a Sunday morning. NEWSPAPER EVERYWHERE. and to think this is AFTER they “cleaned” it lol. Needless to say they had to go back and clean it again. In the process I was able to trick them into helping me clean lol. Thats a rarity around here. Its kind of funny I didn’t notice before that Ethan looks like he was reading the paper.
This really awesome lady off of WUAH sent Jayde these jammies, this pretty pink blankie, and the kitty cat that looks JUST like our cat Lucky, she also sent Jayde a tape with nighttime songs on it, but we have to get a tape player, because Jayde has horrible night terrors and wakes up everynight more than once, shes also having issues with what we think is allergies. She slept so well last night. it was awesome. And so super nice of her, its amazing if you open up how kind strangers can be.
Chandlers so silly. Its so hard to get a picture of him being serious- Hes a goofy guy!
Well, that was my Sunday. Off to have dinner.


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